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“Kado-Prim” brings to your attention the base for lightening poles, manufactured in an innovative way by thermoforming using ABS-plastic. The base for lightening poles protects the electrical cable and connecting elements from the mechanical damage and environmental influences.

This product is ideal for urban environment and for city improvement due to the following advantages: comparatively low price, possibility of manufacturing in any color upon the customer’s request, which makes it possible to implement any design ideas, ease of installation, light weight and high strength.

The base for lightening poles can be used in following areas:

  • Functional and decorative lightening, parks, squares
  • Streets and roads with low and middle traffic intensity
  • Yards, territories of micro districts
  • Gas stations
  • Railway platforms

Key advantages of the base for lightening poles made of ABS-plastic manufactured by thermoforming:

  • Easily withstands temperature extremes;
  • Unexposed to corrosion and aggressive environments;
  • Has a low weight and high strength, which makes if perfect for urban use;
  • High resistance to wear;
  • Possibility of implementation of any design ideas;
  • Easy processing, which allows to apply any images and to create relief patterns, in particular, our own elaboration – an effect of marble chips of any color and hue.



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