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LLC “Kado-Prim” is a manufacturer of polystyrene and polypropylene tapes for thermoforming.  At our disposal there are high-precision extrusion lines, which allow manufacturing one-two-three-layer tapes with a width from 160mm to 1180mm and thickness from 0,15mm to 1,18mm. Rigid quality control requirements, a variety of tape formulations, taking into account peculiar features of molding equipment and of manufactured product, prompt response to incoming orders, including orders for production of samples – all these are the distinctive features of our extrusion production.

Polypropylene tape

Polypropylene film is a very light and cheap polymer. This is a universal material, which is made of plastic and is characterized by durability and impact-resistance.

Polypropylene film has found an application as packaging material and it is also used as a packing material for food products, as well as for clothes, cosmetics, toys, printing products and souvenirs. As for the products, the advantage of this film is its heat-resistance which allows the products to be stored hot.

Moreover, the perishable product packed in a polypropylene film can be placed in refrigerators and freezers and stored at sufficiently low temperatures.

Our extrusion equipment makes it possible to produce a multilayer polypropylene tape with thickness of 0,4 - 1,8mm.

If you need a polypropylene tape, you can buy it by contacting our Film Sales Department plenka@kado-prim.ru or by calling +7 (495) 221-67-82

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