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Today a plastic packaging for confectionary is a product of increased demand and it is used by almost every manufacturer of cakes, sweets, bakery and desserts, because this type of packaging perfectly fits for beautiful presentation of a product as well as for its' transportation.

Plastic packaging has sufficient strength and can have special compartments or dividers, thanks to which products keep their freshness and attractive appearance much longer, while the tightness of the package prevents the penetration of moisture and air.

Our company glad to offer you a wide product range of plastic packaging for confectionary, which includes but not limited by the serial products presented in our catalog, because more frequently we're developing such products to order, taking into account wishes of every client. In particular, you can buy following packaging:

  • Universal containers;
  • Showcase containers;
  • Clamshell containers;
  • Dessert-bowls;
  • Packaging for cakes;
  • Correxes for sweets;
  • Correxes for cakes;
  • Lodgments.

You can use our containers not only for confectionary: our plastic containers will perfectly fit for packaging of any other cold dishes: different snacks, groceries, meat and fish products, etc.

Do you want to present your confectionary products beautifully and aesthetically? Plastic containers “Kado-Prim” are the best solution!

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