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The mold is a forming tool for obtaining volumetric products of various geometry.

The production of blow molds for thermoforming is one of the main activities of our company. Thanks to the many years of well-coordinated work of our design department and production department, we are able to produce high-quality molds in the shortest terms.

The entire process of molds’ production can be divided into three stages:

  • Mold design

Mold design and design documentation development is carried out using an up-to-date three-dimensional engineering CAD/CAM systems of high level, that reduces the possibility of the mistake in the design stage and increases speed and quality of work.
Technical design assignment must include the following:

  • Drawing or mathematical model of the future product;
  • Technical characteristics of the equipment, for which the mold is designed;
  • Type of die (stripped knife or all-metal);
  • Mold cavity, expected circulation and material of the product.
  • Mold production

After the approval of design documentation, the preparation of project for production begins.

The machining of the forming surfaces is carried out on high-precision CNC machining centers, which makes it possible to repeat the most complex geometry with excellent quality.

Control programs are generated on the basis of three-dimensional models by means of developed capabilities of systems of the technological preparation of production.

Finishing this stage is the manual revision of formative components and assembly of the mold.

  • Mold testing

At the end of manufacturing phase, the testing of mold and of its working capacity is carried out on our manufacturing base.
After receiving a quality product ready mold is handed over to the customer.

The manufacturing time of blow molds may vary from 10 to 20 calendar days, depending on the design complexity.

The cost and warranty for our molds

Calculation of the finished product’s cost is individual in every single case and depends on the mold’s configuration and on the materials used.  

The cost is calculated on the basis of design documentation within two working days.

For all of our products the warranty period is set. During the warranty period technical support and warranty repair is provided.
Cutting dies from all-metal knives

The die for all-metal knives is used for cutting out products from the sheet plastic (PS, PET, PP, PVC).

The machining is carried out on a precision metalworking center with CNC, thus it is possible to repeat the complex geometry of the cutting contour with high productivity and excellent quality.

Cutting knives themselves may be produced of tool steel (CVG, 9XS) with subsequent heat treatment and grinding.

  • The hardness of the cutting edge is 48-52 HRC
  • The tolerance for flatness is ± 0,02mm
  • Deflection of the contour of cutting edge after quenching is ± 0,2mm
  • The angle of sharpening is according to the technical specification.

Auxiliary components of the cutting die (plates, cages, guide columns and bushings) are made of structural steel or may be ordered from the catalog of unified parts for stamps and molds.

Examples of our work you can find in our CATALOG.